In order to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, we have to be committed to developing our faith through discipleship, Bible study and prayer. The Christian Education Ministry Team of Seoul Union Church is committed to helping every member of the church of every age grow in their faith and understanding of Christ through a variety of Christian Education opportunities.

Jesus loved children and so do we. Whether it is through the nursery, Sunday school classes, or children’s church, we try to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to experience Christ in exciting, active, and meaningful ways. The children learn how to apply their Bible lessons to their everyday lives through drama, music, role playing, games, crafts, and discussions.

Children’s church is also provided for children in fifth grade and under. They participate in their own service led by a group of volunteers and parents which includes Bible stories, drama, music, and video.

Sunday School Curriculum

We follow a three year program that follows God’s redemptive story from eternity to eternity, called the gospel project.

Each Sunday children are introduced to Jesus. They are taught that the stories in the Bible are not about people who did great things for God, but they are about God who worked through them pointing all people to the One and only who can save, the One and only who can bring hope, peace ,and joy the One and only who can give eternal life. They are all pointing us to Jesus.

Come and join us each Sunday as we immerse ourselves, young and old, into this wonderful truth.
First Sunday School for this fall semester will start August 14.
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