Missions & Benevolence

1/3 of the earth’s people call themselves Christians. 2/3 of the earth’s people are non-Christians
living among already reached and unreached people groups .?

-Global Missions Statistics

There is no question that the world is in need of the message of the love of Jesus Christ. The Missions and Benevolence Ministry Team members seek to mobilize and motivate Seoul Union Church members to get involved in the Great Commission through missions education and recruitment and short-term mission opportunities, equipping them to become global Christians and expressing their faith with the world both locally and overseas.

At Seoul Union Church, we fulfill our mission mandate through our ongoing support of vital ministries including:

* Korea:

Home for Unmarried Mothers (Sang, Soon Han) This home for unwed mothers provides daycare and Christian education.

Angels Haven: Home for Mentally Handicapped and Orphans (Kyu-Whan Cho) Providing for the physical needs of the handicapped in Seoul. Angels’ Haven funds purchase custom fitted braces for those in need. We have supported them since 1983.

Jung Shim Girl’s High School: Juvenile Ministry (Soon Ja Bang) Our church provides working funds and travel expenses for Pang Sunja, a woman chaplain at this girls’ reformatory. We have supported Rev. Pang for more than 20 years.

Holt Services: Home for Mentally Handicapped & Orphans (Dae, Yeul Kim) Holt Korea works as a general child welfare agency for homeless children. About 300 physically and mentally handicapped children are taken care of at Ilsan Welfare Town, Kyounggi-do.

Lydia House: Home for Old and Blind Women (Chan Suk Sun) This facility houses elderly and blind women in Seoul, offering shelter, food, support and Christian teaching.

DMI International/ DMI Korea: Deaf Ministry (Komiko Nagasawa)

* South Africa: Durban Bible College.

* Kenya : Wycliffe Bible Translation

* Thailand : Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) (Gale, Melissa and Jeff) This couple used to be with ‘International Students Inc.’ and worked among the international students at a local University in the U.S. Now they are in a language training school in Singapore getting ready for Mission work in China.

* Mongolia : Hospice Ministry

* Uganda: World Concern Sebastian and his family are in Cambridge, England doing his PhD’s and preparing to go back as missionaries to India where they were prior to the U.K. Miss Jung-yoon Kim is a nurse working as the trainer for nurses at the hospital in western Uganda. We have supported her since 1987.

We seek to be a visible demonstration of the love of God through Jesus Christ to our neighbors whoever and wherever they may be. Seoul Union wants to allow people in the church to connect their local ministries to God’s eternal, global purposes. God is at work all over the world, and we want each missionary we support to be the means of taking the Love of Christ around the world as well as a means of bringing other parts of the world home to Seoul Union. In this way, our view of the world and of God, who is both present and at work in every place, will expand and become clearer for His glory.

Everyone can be a part of Seoul Union Church’s Benevolence and Mission Ministry team because everyone has something to contribute through tithe, time, or testimony.

Please contact the church via phone (02) 333-7393 or email at info@seoulunionchurch.org for more information.