“May the words of my mouth and thoughts of my heart
Bless Your name, bless Your name, Jesus!
And the deeds of the day, and the truth in my way
Speak of You, speak of You, Jesus?”

May the Words of My Mouth by Tim Hughes and Rob Hill

These words summarize what it means to be someone who truly worships and praises God. We praise Jesus Christ, proclaim His greatness, and serve others in His name. Our actions and words must be consistent if Christ is to be glorified by us.

Members of the Praise Team at Seoul Union Church proclaim the truth about God through song. We do not perform, we praise. Our audience is Jesus Christ. We stand before the people and minister through music to usher the congregation into the presence of God. We want to glorify Him in such a way that the congregation of the church can join us in this opportunity to praise our Creator, our Savior, and our Hope for the future. Our desire is to praise God not only with the skill of our voices and fingers, but even more with pure hearts full of thanksgiving.

The Praise Team works with the pastor, the worship coordinator, and others to fulfill the core music ministry at Seoul Union Church. We have four teams. Each leads the music for the Sunday service once a month. Each Sunday, one team meets before the service to set up equipment and practice the songs for day. Then, during the service, we lead the congregation in an offering of songs to God. We also meet together periodically to work out schedules and to share ideas for improving our music ministry.

The praise team welcomes singers, musicians, and people who are willing to help out with the technical side of modern worship. If you have any of these talents and love the songs that express your love for God, please consider joining us in this ministry!

Please contact the church via phone (02) 333-7393 or email at for more information.

Childcare is provided during Sunday morning worship service.