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Seoul Union Church, Seoul, South Korea
The congregation worshiping. The Congregation is
So - if you are looking for a church for your time in Seoul, why not pay us a visit, or email us, or call us, our phone number in Korea is (02) 333-7393.

International Currently we have people worshipping with us from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Korea and many other parts of the world. If meeting people from across the world in the context of church life is something you might enjoy, visit Seoul Union Church!
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Evangelical We hold to the historic roots of evangelical Christianity and in this respect, see it as our goal to worship God with our whole hearts and to win those of our neighbours who donít yet know Christ. If the centrality of Godís word above all other authorities is a key aspect of your faith, Seoul Union Church may be the place for you.
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English-speaking People come to Seoul for a variety of reasons, and stay for varying lengths of time. Whatever your reason and length of stay, we can provide a church family. Seoul Union Church is here to enable the large English-language community in Seoul to enjoy fellowship and worship in the language with which they are most familiar. If worshipping and fellowshipping in an English congregation is important for you, come along!
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Friendly We have singles, couples, and families with children. Friendships often develop between these various strands of church life. Many describe the church as an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of life in Seoul. Seoul Union Church provides an excellent starting point for beginning new friendships and sharing hospitality during the week. If you are looking to make new friends who are also brothers and sisters in Christ, come and join us!
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Multi-denominational We enjoy the richness of our varied denominational backgrounds and know that there is more that unites us than divides us. If being together with Christians from many backgrounds is as exciting for you as it is for us, please join us!
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Structured and informal Our worship tends to be structured but informal, incorporating some of the most recently-written contemporary worship music while retaining a balance with traditional favourites. So, whether you are from a charismatic or more traditional, liturgical background, you will find a tremendous sense of unity in the worship at Seoul Union Church. We focus on a personal relationship with Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit. If you are looking for a varied and lively worship program why not visit us some Sunday?
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Discipling A key aspect of our life together as Godís people is growing into maturity in Christ. To this end, we have challenging and enjoyable programs in our Sunday services, in our childrenís church and our adult Sunday school that follows the morning service. If you are looking for good teaching in a church, why not check us out?!
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