who we are

Our Pastor

Rev. SeJin Koh, Ph.D.


Whether you are in Seoul for 1 week or live here permanently, we invite you to join us at historic Seoul Union Church (SUCh), the oldest Protestant church in South Korea as we

Gather as an international fellowship of believers to worship and lift up the Name of Jesus,

Grow together in a deeper understanding of and conformity to God’s Word, and then

Go out with the life-giving Good News of the Gospel to serve in our local communities and around the world.

I look forward to meeting you in person! May “grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” (2 Peter 1:2)



Pastor SeJin Koh



- Former Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, Academic Dean, then President, Jerusalem University College, Jerusalem Israel
- Former Supervisor, Archaeological Excavations in Tel Beth Shean and Tel Rehov, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
- Former Director of Archaeology Projects, Jerusalem University College, Jerusalem, Israel
- Former Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, then President, Asia Theological University, Korea
- Former Director of International Studies, Director of Bob Cooley Center for Studies of Early Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC., USA.
- Former Chairman of Steering Committee, Board member, then President, KBS Symphony Orchestra, Seoul, Korea
- Former Pastor of English Worship Service, MyongSung Church, Seoul, Korea
- Former Pastor of English Worship Service, SungBok Church, Seoul, Korea
- Director of the Land of Queen of Sheba Archaeological Expedition in Ethiopia, Axum, Ethiopia
- Senior Pastor, Seoul Union Church, Seoul, Korea



Academic Training
- B.A. in Theology, Seoul Theological Seminary, South Korea
- M.A. in Theology, Seoul Theological Seminary, South Korea
- M.A. in Hebrew Language, Jerusalem University College, Jerusalem, Israel
- M.A. in Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago, IL., USA
- Ph.D. in Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago, IL., USA
- Certificate, Creative Writing, JoongAng University, Seoul, Korea


About Seoul Union Church

Seoul Union Church is the oldest Protestant church in Korea with a rich history dating back to 1885.

As an independent, international, non-denominational, English-speaking church, we are united in a common mission to gather as God's people, grow in understanding of God's Word and grace, and reach out to serve others with the love of Jesus Christ.

We continue to see the global impact of Seoul Union Church as we live with a passion to see others come to know Jesus Christ.

Seoul Union Church is a self-supporting church with no ties to any
denomination and is committed to tithing 10% of its income to support local and global missions.

Seoul Union Church Characteristics

1. We are a Christ-centered church. 

We recognize Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church and the final Authority on all matters of preaching, policy, and practice. No one human leader has undue authority- rather authority and responsibility are shared by those recognized by the congregation as being mature and wise and raised up by God to leadership positions. We believe in servant leadership under the control of the Holy Spirit.


2. We are a Bible-centered church. 

We do not look to human pronouncements or denominational positions but rather to the Word of God for our beliefs and our principles. Anyone who desires to become biblically and theologically literate can do so over a period of time.  


3. We are a faith-centered church. 

We believe in prayer and we operate by faith, believing that God’s work done in God's way will never lack God's support. Christians are specifically instructed in Scripture in their responsibility to financially support their church, but we do not pressure people to give. Giving records are kept confidential and people are accepted without regard to their financial worth. We encourage each person to make sacrificial giving a lifestyle choice.  


4. We are a service-oriented church. 

We believe that service is an important factor in spiritual growth. While we have hired a church staff, much of the work of the church is done through lay volunteers. Each board, commission, and committee is chaired by a volunteer lay person. 


5. We are a family-oriented church which makes every effort to equip God's people to live effectively in Christian families. 

Our children's and youth ministries place an emphasis upon growing young people God's way; yet our programs are designed to augment, not compete with, parental responsibilities.  


6. We are an English-speaking, international, expatriate-oriented church. 

Whether living in Korea short-term or long-term, we recognize that expatriates need a place to call home. We value the unique calling that expatriates have as they come to Korea as missionaries, Christian workers, educators, military personnel, business leaders, and spouses. We also seek to welcome the unchurched person with open arms and the truth and beauty of the gospel.


7. We are a culturally-relevant church. 

We believe that we should be salt and light to the dark and dying generation in which we live. We strive to be not only an oasis, but also a launching pad. 


8. We are a tolerant church within the parameters of scriptural guidelines. 

Our congregation is made up of people from various nationalities as well as differing denominational and non-denominational backgrounds.  While we understand that believers differ on many issues, we hold to scripture as the final and absolute authority in the believer’s life.


9. We are an interdependent church. 

Though autonomous in our governing structure, we willingly associate with other churches in Korea and elsewhere to accomplish greater Kingdom goals. 



Council Chairman

Jack Moon


My parents were called to be missionaries to India in 1952 where I grew up and attended a boarding school in the Palni Hills of Tamil Nadu, South India.  I graduated from Kodaikanal International School in 1969 and then did my undergraduate work in Biology at Asbury College in Kentucky.  After 5 years of teaching in Augusta, GA, I returned to the University of Kentucky to complete my Master’s degree in Science Education and then applied to teach overseas. 


My brother who was teaching at Seoul Foreign School was the person who informed me of an opening at the school for a Biology teacher.  40+ years later, I finished out my career at Seoul Foreign School. While there, I met my wife to be, Edie Rader, whose parents were missionaries to Korea with the Salvation Army. In my fourth year at SFS Edie and I met and got married the summer of 1984.  Five years later we welcomed our first baby girl, Melissa and two years later our second baby girl, Kayla.  


In the years that followed our girls attended SFS; Edie taught English, earned a Masters degree in English, on the side directed the HS plays, and is now finishing her career as the Schoolwide Drama director.  I received a second Masters in Sports Medicine, taught for 25 years in the field of Biology, then became the Activities Director for 8 years and ended my career as the Alumni Director of SFS for 5 years. Currently I am retired but helping out at SFS while Edie is still working.

Chung Soo Kim


Chung Soo Kim


I earned my GED for middle school in 1978 and high school in 1979.  I then  pursued my Bachelor’s Degree in English language and literature by self-study and earned my degree in 1997.  I then enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Christian Education at Campbell University Divinity School in North Carolina for two semesters in 2002 Fall and 2003 Spring.


After serving in the Korean Army from December 1981 until June 1984, I taught English at various private institutes until 2002.  I then volunteered at FEBC (Korea Far East Broadcasting Company) from 1996 through 2002 and has been serving as the manager of International Relations there since 2003.


I have been a faithful member of Seoul Union Church since 1984 and have been coordinating our church’s mission outreach both locally in Korea as well as globally.


I am currently married to Ok Ja Lee. We have two children who are now adults.  Our daughter, Gloria, lives in Barrington, IL and our son, Jung Hoon, is currently employed in a small company in Korea. We also have three grandchildren; Genna (5), Prairie (5), and Aspen (2).




Younghi Lee


I have been working at SUCh as a secretary for 21 years. Serving SUCh is an honor and blessing for me. God blessed this country by sending missionaries and awakening the Korean people. I cherish the history of SUCh and the people who dedicated their lives for this country.